Readings By Crystal

Life Coach

Are you seeking something or someone? Do you want insight or guidance into events happening in your life? Would you like to know about past or future events? Have you lost something you would like to recover? Would you like to increase your business potential? Learn how to unlock the secrets to these questions through a psychic reading and Feng Shui.

Crystal Basnett is a natural, gifted psychic and clairvoyant. For over 29 years, Crystal has been using her gifts to help people. Crystal has the unique ability to answer questions before they are asked. 

Through psychic readings and Feng Shui, Crystal has helped her clients improve many aspects of their life. From business and career to personal relationships and romance, Crystal Basnett provides guidance on how to obtain and maintain health, wealth, and happiness.

Services: Readings & Feng Shui

  • By phone, email, or in person
  • Available for individual or group bookings